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Guardiola keeps asking us to forget about the Quadruple

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Ahead of Manchester City’s Premier League match against Cardiff, Pep Guardiola urged his players to forget about the Quadruple.

The same topic of conversation about winning the Quadruple has been very common amongst members of the press at Manchester City’s grounds, manager Pep Guardiola really doesn’t like this rhetoric because he feels that his players could get distracted with so much noise surrounding them and he would love them to be as focused as possible for the final stretch of the season.

The Catalan manager just spoke about the tough luck that the Citizens are having with Liverpool winning the toughest matches of the season so far, he revealed that he was hoping the Reds could lose against Tottenham but that late goal Mohamed Salah scored gave him a pretty good idea of how complicated the end of the season will be for his squad.

There is a feeling in the air of Liverpool fighting until the very end against Manchester City, plus the Citizens still have to visit Old Trafford and play against Manchester United by the end of this month.

Pep Guardiola knows that the road to the titles is way more complicated for his squad than it will be for Liverpool, which is why he wants to psychologically prepare his players in case they get their heart broken within the span of a week.

Ahead of this Wednesday’s Premier League match against Cardiff City, Guardiola was questioned about the Quadruple again and he took this time to finally put an end to this conversation.

“In one week or three days we can lose all three titles,” said Pep via BBC Sport.

“I said many times, ask me at the end of April. Why talk about the quadruple when in this country – a legendary country – it has never happened before.”

“Legendary teams like Liverpool, the period [of Manchester United] with Sir Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho at Chelsea, Arsene Wenger with Arsenal – no one did it. So why should we do it? “I’m not in the minds of my players and the fans to tell them what to think.”

“If they want to dream and think about winning everything, I’m not a guy to say anything.”

“Of course we are there but I said to the players, ‘Forget about it, don’t think too much. In one week or three days we can lose all three titles, that’s the reality’.”

“‘I know in your heads we can win all the titles, but for now it’s Cardiff.”

“What’s happening to Liverpool may be luck, or the second time it is luck, but to happen three or four or five times it is because they have something special,” he added.

“I’m not wasting my time thinking, ‘They were lucky here, there and everywhere’. That doesn’t give you an extra point.”

These latest comments just hours before the next scheduled Premier League match could foreshadow something even more alarming for Manchester City, as Pep Guardiola has already stated that one of the most important objectives for the season remains the Premier League but he knows that not winning the Champions League could cost him his job by the end of the season.

The Citizens have remained competitive throughout the whole tournament in all competitions, but they are all aware that it only takes a few mistakes to throw away everything and end up with no medals around their neck.

This psychological tactic has become very common in Pep Guardiola, it’s a reverse mechanism that usually serves well to motivate his players and always keep them on the edge in order to never feel relaxed during the final stretch of the season.

It’s even possible that the current squad that Pep has can be considered more competitive than the one he enjoyed at Bayern Munich, but we still don’t know if it can reach FC Barcelona levels.

Only time will tell if Manchester City is up for the Quadruple or not, what Pep Guardiola says doesn’t really matter as much as what actually happens.

Do you agree with Pep Guardiola or do you think Manchester City really is up for the Quadruple this season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.