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Guardiola plans to be nice to his players

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According to Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola, this season he will be nicer to his players after they got back-to-back Premier League championships.

Manchester City is the current back-to-back champions of the English Premier League.

And for manager Pep Guardiola, it might be a good time to be nicer to his players.

“I will be nicer this season,” Guardiola told Football 365.

“They’ve convinced me, these players, with what they have done last season. There are no doubts.”

“If they are not able to do it, it will be because opponents were better or we are not good enough,” he added.

“At the end of last season I didn’t know how we’d handle our success but it was incredible what they did after 100 points. The target is to keep improving.”

Guardiola explained how the pre-season has gone so far: “I think the pre-season starts really now. The next four games in August we have one game a week.”

“Now we start to fix what we believe we have to fix and we will see during the month if we are in a good way or a bad way if we have to train more in that section or less in that section. We will try to win games during that period.”

“We won almost every trophy – it was quite remarkable. Not enough to have our players in the best players of Europe, but it was quite good,” he commented.

“So now we start pre-season and talk about what we have to do and the players know it, so it is easier for our job.”