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Guardiola was rejected by Wigan as a player


Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has revealed that he was rejected by Wigan Athletic when he contacted them in regards to joining their squad as a player

On the back of an extremely successful spell as a player at Barcelona, the then midfielder sought a move to the Premier League in a bid to continue his career at top-tier level, back in 2005.

Wigan had only just been promoted to the Premier League that season and had started well to life in the top tier under former coach Paul Jewell. While a free agent, Guardiola enquired about the possibility to join the side and was turned down.

Ahead of City’s upcoming FA Cup game against Wigan, Guardiola confessed that he did indeed try to join the side once.

“Years ago, yes.” revealed Guardiola, according to Sky Sports.

“I was not good enough, that is the truth.

“I was old, really old!

“I knocked on the door, I tried to come here to play in English football, but I was not able.”

The Spaniard also revealed that he had tried to join City as a player back in 2005, as well. Stuart Pierce, who was the manager at the time, turned the Spaniard down.

“The same happened here at Manchester City, when I came here with Stuart Pearce. They were so clever! I was not good enough.”