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Guardiola says he’s not prepared to be Barcelona’s president

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The Manchester City manager has said he will return to the Blaugrana in the future, but he doesn’t know what his function will be.

Pep Guardiola has coached three of the biggest clubs in the football world during his career.

He started his professional career as a manager with Barcelona B in 2007, then in 2008 he took the Blaugranas to the top of the football rankings.

In 2013 he moved for three years to Bayern Munich, and since 2016 he’s been with Manchester City in the English Premier League.

And while he’s most remembered for his work with the Blaugrana, he has come out to say he would like to return one day, but he doesn’t believe he will do it as the team’s president.

“I will return to Barcelona, but not as president,” he told Sport.

“One has to be prepared and have the knowledge and that is not me.”

“I try to be a good coach, things haven’t gone bad, but the presidency is another thing,” he added.

“The official dinners are very boring”.

Guardiola won the English Premier League title back-to-back this season, but he’s aiming to win the UEFA Champions League soon with the Citizens.