Guardiola whines about Manchester City’s transfer policy

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola, revealed that transfers are no longer easier to complete for clubs with a lot of money due to wage gaps.

After Pep Guardiola realized that Manchester City wasn’t going to be able to sign midfielder Frenkie de Jong from Ajax, reality suddenly hit him right in the face as he finally understood that times have changed in regards to transfers.

A few years back, there was only a handful of clubs that could cover the wage and fees expenses when they signed a player but globalization has caught up with everyone and suddenly other clubs have way more power than they used to have.

It was only a few years ago when other clubs preferred to not get involved in a bidding war with clubs like Manchester City or PSG, those were clubs with “oil money” that apparently had enough cash to pay for any player they desired.

Another problem that clubs such as Manchester City have with their expensive squads, is that players can get their egos hurt because they don’t consider they are being paid enough compared to other players in the squad.

This wages issue has become a real problem in major clubs like the Citizens, it is something that Pep Guardiola really hates but he tries to understand.

“We have to be quicker, faster and don’t get nervous,” said Pep vie BBC Sport.

“I don’t know how we can be quicker and more efficient. Everybody can pay a lot in fees and wages. Before the rumors were that it was just Paris St-Germain and Manchester City. That is over.”

“The others are quicker and smarter, like we try to do. There are many and sometimes we can’t compete with that. We have to be quicker and smarter and try to buy the players. We have to adapt.”

“It’s difficult to buy top, top players at a good price. It’s almost impossible. Maybe we have to trust in the young players and help them develop their own personality here.”

“I think we try to keep the harmony in the locker room with the wages,” added Guardiola.

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“When you have no balance with that then there is always a problem with the mood in the locker room.”

“One of the good things that City have done is keeping that balance. The reality is that it’s not just one or two teams paying a lot on wages. There are many, many, many.”

“It’s not just in England, it’s in Italy, Spain, France, maybe not in Germany. In the market there are many players, in positions we need, but even next season if we can’t take anyone then the squad remains good.”

“I’m so satisfied for what City has done. We’ll see what happens in the summer. We’ll see the behavior of the players in the locker room, their desire to stay and help the club – not just me and their mates. It’ll be important.”

Manchester City has not only failed in regards to signing the players they have been after during this winter transfer market, but Pep Guardiola specifically has also failed twice when it comes to convincing his young talents to remain at the club by refusing to pay them a wage they truly deserve.

Even though Brahim Diaz cannot be used as an example yet because technically he still hasn’t triumphed at Real Madrid, we can easily take Jadon Sancho’s example to illustrate this point and talk about one of Pep Guardiola’s greatest mistakes as a manager for the Citizens since he arrived.

The whole deal with Frenkie de Jong is only a part of the many things that the Catalan manager has done wrong at the English club this season, it’s safe to say that he’s not been at the same standards that he delivered last season when the club won the Premier League.

Why do you think Manchester City hasn’t been able to live up to the transfer expectations during the winter transfer window? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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