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Gullit fears Premier League is harming Dutch players development

Ruud Gullit
is interviewed prior to the Laureus World Sports Awards at the Meridien Beach Plaza on February 27, 2018 in Monaco, Monaco.

Former Holland captain Ruud Gullit is worried that the big Premier League sides are restricting the development rate of the Dutch players

The Euro ‘88 winner is worried that the “top five or six” clubs in the Premier League are compromising the development of the young Dutch prospects and has cited Bournemouth’s Nathan Ake as an example.

Ake joined Chelsea in 2011, but was heavily restricted in appearances before enjoying a successful loan spell with Bournemouth and later joined on a permanent deal.

“We (the Dutch national side) don’t really have an exceptional player at the moment.” Gullit told Sky Sports.

“There are a lot of youngsters coming up. (But) we need to be cautious because, when there is a youngster, they’re getting grabbed immediately by the English league.

“The big five or six teams in England don’t have time for a talent, they need instant success. If a talent goes there, I know already that he is probably not going to be playing first-team football and this is bad for my country.

“I don’t want that. I want the young players to be able to play because, eventually, they do go to smaller clubs, but they aren’t learning from the best, which I say out of my own experience.

“I’ve played with Johan Cruyff and I learnt a lot from him. I don’t learn when I’m on the bench or if I go to a lower club with inferior players. So, if I go to the ‘big six’ and I am not playing with them, how do I become good?

“I remember I asked Ake if he was sure he wanted to be at Chelsea. He said ‘yes I do’, and he stayed all year on the bench. Eventually he went back to Bournemouth and I am happy that he plays, but that cost him three years of his career. You can only play until 34 these days, so not playing for three years is bad.”