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Haaland’s dad hopes United can make a move for his son

Erling Haaland
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Erling Haaland has had a great week after scoring three goals in the UEFA Champions League debut for Red Bull Salzburg on Tuesday.

Erling Haaland debuted with a hat-trick for Red Bul Salzburg on Tuesday’s UEFA Champions League fixture.

His team defeated Genk 6-2.

And his dad, a former Manchester City and Leeds United footballer, hopes Manchester United might be able to buy him after the history he shares with Ole Gunnar Soslkjaer.

“It would be nice (interest from United and others),” Alf Inge Haaland told Football 365.

“It is important to distinguish between being a supporter and a job. So, I have a very relaxed relationship. It is a little different when it’s serious.”

“He is a good player who plays for a very good team. It’s a club that bets on young players and has given him the chance,” he added.

“They have thought for a long time that they would give him the chance this summer, and at the same time there are many things that have taken place.”

“Most of the job he has done himself, but he has been assisted by his former teammates and current coaches and teammates, in addition to the hard work of many years,” he concluded.