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Hairdressers and barbers get ready Ronaldo’s got a new cut

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Cristiano Ronaldo has finally got a hair cut, and those in the business better get ready as his adoring fans will no doubt follow suit.

Over the years fans have followed Cristiano Ronaldo’s hairstyles as much as his football.

As a youngster, we saw the tinted and streaked blonde curls. Then as he matured so did his style. The footballing genius went for the smart but elegant clean cut around the sides with a neatly shaped top.

In the last few months though he has taken us on numerous trips to the barbers and hairdressers as we try and keep up, with various changes in looks.

Who can forget the emergence of the Alice band?

We had a short ponytail, which was later accompanied by an undercut, and eventually the man bun.

Then we had the Georgina Rodriguez special when the lockdown was in place.

More recently we saw the slightly curly volumized barnet, that lifted the Scudetto.

Now it appears that it is the smart but casual, business-as-usual look of professionalism as he prepares to mount a serious challenge on the Champions League with Juventus.

CR7 is not the first footballer to dazzle us with his hair. Why not try your luck at picking out these footballing greats based on their locks?