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Hamsik not enjoying role under Ancelotti- Agent

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Marek Hamsik’s representative has revealed the player dislikes his cameo role under new manager Carlo Ancelotti but claims he is not leaving the club.

Speculations are rife that Hamsik was considering a move in January considering he’s not been playing regularly.

But his agent Martin Petras has squashed talks of a departure even though he thinks the Slovak ‘must be on the pitch’.

“I heard from Marek a little while ago,” he told CalcioNapoli24.

“We’ve read the newspapers but I don’t understand where this information has come from. It’s a rather unusual situation that none of us like, but life goes on.

“Marek is our client and must always be on the pitch for his quality and the player he is: rotation can happen after that, but that’s how things are at the moment.

“I don’t understand the controversy and talk about him leaving. He’s always shown loyalty to the club.

“It all seems exaggerated, no-one has talked to anyone so there are no grounds for these reports.

“I won’t say anything about how he’s being used because it’s Coach who decides. We won’t create any controversy, we must wait.

“For its quality and what he represents, I say he must be on the field. I’m not the Coach, decisions are made by others.

“However, I can talk about Marek and things that are to do with him. What does Hamsik say about the talk? I sent him a message, he replied by saying something like ‘it’s rubbish, where on earth has it come from?’