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Handicap betting system explained

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Striving for some handicap betting tips that will help you make bolder predictions? Then you came to the right place! In this article, we explore this betting option and look at an example of a handicap bet.

When two evenly matched teams are facing each other in a match, most punters turn to regular bets and place their wagers on their preferred team. But what about when a stronger opponent is playing against a very weak team? The result is predictable right? The stronger team is expected to win the fixture. 

This is where the handicap betting system comes in. Bookmakers introduced a system where bettors can back the weaker team. In handicap bets, the weaker team is given a goal advantage over the stronger opponent hence making the stronger opponent do more work and leveling the playing ground. This is the base for all handicap predictions, including those which are offered by Takebet, one of the best handicap prediction sites. Follow the links to check it out!

If two teams, Real Madrid and Las Palmas were to play against each other, the Spanish giants are expected to win against the Segunda division club, Las Palmas. However, this makes the outcome of the match very predictable, hence, the introduction of handicap bets. Take a look at these scenarios.

First Case: Real Madrid(-0.5) vs Las Palmas(0.5)

In this case, Real Madrid is the clear favorite hence they are given a 0.5-goal deficit. This means if you back Real Madrid, they have to win the game for you to win the bet. 

If they win the match, you win your bet as the half-goal deficit is accounted for. On the other hand, if the game ends in a draw, Las Palmas emerges as the winner due to the half-goal advantage. Similarly, if Las Palmas win the match, they win the bet.

Second Case: Real Madrid(-1.0) vs Las Palmas(1.0)

Here, the Spanish giants go into the game with a virtual goal deficit while Las Palmas have a goal advantage. 

For Real Madrid to win the bet, they have to beat Las Palmas by at least two goals which make the virtual one-goal deficit accounted for. If the game ends in a draw or Las Palmas wins, Las Palmas wins the bet. However, if Real Madrid wins the fixture just by a goal, the bet ends in a draw and your stake is refunded.

Third Case: Real Madrid(-2.5) vs Las Palmas(2.5)

As you should be well familiar with now, Real Madrid will have a two-and-a-half-goal deficit in this scenario while their opponents have the same number of goals to their advantage.

For Real Madrid to win the bet, they have to win the game by at least three goals. If the game ends in a draw or Las Palmas wins the match, then Las Palmas wins the bet. Also, in a case where Las Palmas lose the game by less than 2 goals, they win the bet.

Points to consider when doing Handicap strategy

Consider Statistics

Numbers don’t lie. Always try to analyze the statistics of whatever teams you’re looking to bet on. How strong is the defence? Does the attack score very often? This will help you reach an easier decision when you want to back a team.

Also, it is a good practice to consider the head-to-head performance of both teams. It will give you an insight into how each team fairs against the other.

Follow team news

It is advisable to keep close tabs on the teams you want to place your bets on. Following the teams’ news gives you an edge as you get to know the availability of the players and which players that are likely to feature or be left out.

Is an attacking player going to be left out? Is an integral part of the team’s defence available for the match? Basically, you’re able to get the latest news by following the team closely.

Context of the match

The context of the match could also be a factor that tells punters how a game is likely to turn out. How important is the fixture? Is the title at stake or is the opposition threatened with relegation if they lose the game by a wide margin?

If a team has something at stake, it is without a doubt that they are expected to put more effort into trying to get a  result. This motivation could easily swing the game in such a team’s favor.

Advantages and disadvantages of Handicap betting system

The major advantages of the handicap betting system are the tight margin and risk reduction it offers punters. This incentivizes punters to play handicap bets more.

However, the handicap betting system isn’t exactly straightforward and may be a bit difficult for beginners to navigate.

Top questions regarding Handicap betting system

Yes, handicap betting is totally legal in most countries hence why bookmakers are able to offer them in betting markets.

What is an Asian handicap?

Asian handicap allows for the betting odds to have a decimal. An example is -0.5 and +0.5. European handicap allows whole number odds only.

Can I play handicap as an accumulator?

Yes, you can combine multiple handicap bets to even enjoy more betting odds. The odds of each wager are multiplied.

What happens when my handicap accumulator has a draw bet in it?

When there’s a draw in one of the games in your bets, the original wager is spread across the other valid bets but with reduced odds to balance it out. 

When should I play handicap wagers?

Most punters play handicap wagers when regular bets offer lower odds. Handicap bets offer tight margins which present bettors with higher value.

What are the sports that involve Handicap bets?

Handicap bets are available in most top sports betting markets. This includes football, NFL, baseball, tennis, golf, horse racing, and more.

Where to find the best odds for Handicap wagers?

Top bookmakers allow bettors to place handicap bets on their betting site. Check online for bookmakers available to you to explore the handicap odds they offer. 

To get the best betting odds, you may compare multiple bookmakers and choose the one that offers the best odds. However, remember to settle for quality over quantity.

How to minimize risks when using the Handicap system?

  • Put a cap on your wagers, don’t bet more than you can lose.
  • You can easily lose more when you try to revenge bet. Instead, access and adjust your strategy where necessary.
  • Unforeseen circumstances such as player injuries just before kick-off can easily ruin your bet. Try to place bets close to kick-off.
  • It is healthy to back attacking teams more often.
  • Always analyze the form of the teams and players. Always try to place your bets relative to the strength of the team.
  • Keep up with important team news such as injuries and the availability of the squad.