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Hard work overrides instinct: Harry Kane

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According to Tottenham Hotspur superstar, Harry Kane, his 156 goals in 255 games are just thanks to hard work and nothing else.

English striker Harry Kane has scored 156 goals in 255 matches for Tottenham Hotspur.

And he credits his good habits as the source of this success.

“It’s putting in the hard work, first and foremost, and a lot of practice on the training ground,” Kane told Goal.

“You also need that instinct from a young age – maybe you’re born with it.”

“I think hard work will always override instinct. You see it throughout the years, players who may not technically be as good as others, but at a younger age they work harder, train harder and they get to a higher level because of that,” he commented.

“But I think there is an element, especially with top goalscorers, of knowing where the ball is going to fall or being in the right place at the right time.”

Kane added: “It’s just through habit from doing it when you were a kid scoring goals – you take that with you, maybe without you even knowing.”

“If you add the hard work with that, you become a really good player.”