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Harry Kane could make it in time for the UCL final

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Only a week away from the final against Liverpool, Mauricio Pochettino revealed that Harry Kane could have an important role in the UCL final.

We all know how important Harry Kane is for Mauricio Pochettino’s Tottenham Hotspur squad, he could make it in time for the UCL final next weekend.

The Spurs’ striker suffered a nasty ankle injury during the quarterfinals against Manchester City, which counts as his second grave setback of the season.

When the first tests were made to check on how serious it was, the diagnostic wasn’t very encouraging.

Even Mauricio Pochettino expressed how concerned he was of Harry Kane possibly missing the final if they got to that point.

The Argentine manager certainly didn’t imagine that the Spurs would get this far in the competition, they have been underdogs throughout the whole season.

Tottenham has suffered several setbacks that have made them one of the least likely to win any trophies this year, but they have surpassed any expectation.

The many injuries and lack of transfers are the two main reasons why nobody believed in them, but they have a unique opportunity to make history with this final.

Pochettino obviously thinks that Harry Kane is essential for their aspirations, he even predicts a key role for the player against Liverpool next week.

During an interview with talkSPORT, Mauricio revealed that Kane is recovering well from his injury and he could actually make it to the final.

The striker may not have a chance to start the game but he could play during the second half.

“We don’t know. His evolution is very good, this week he is so close to start working with the group again, but still we cannot say anything about if he’s going to be available or not.”

“We are happy in the way he is recovering and we hope he will be available as soon as possible. “It’s so important to have Harry Kane fit, to have more possibility [to score].”

“But you can start the game and not be important, and you can come from the bench and still be the important player, the decisive player. The game can be 90 minutes or 120 minutes with penalties.”

“It’s a final, so it’s going to be a completely different game to the games in the Premier League,” added the Argentine.

“By the way, in the last game we played at Anfield we deserved much more, and that gives us the belief we can beat them.”

“We believe we can beat them. We are going there thinking we can win. We will not go there to just compete or to enjoy. Our mentality is to go there and win the final.”

“Liverpool are a very good team but our belief is there and will fight to win.”

Tottenham has the “Champions’ Luck” on their side.

Despite Pochettino saying that the real favorites for the title are Liverpool, we truly believe that the Spurs have a real opportunity to win this trophy.

Tottenham has proven repeatedly that they are well versed on playing against the odds this season, they are comfortable inside the underdog’s skin.

Just think about what the Spurs have done when they didn’t have all their “best” players available during the most important matches.

They defeated Manchester City against all odds, the Citizens are considered the best club in England at the moment.

Pochettino’s boys also eliminated Ajax, who were the fan-favorites this season in the Champions League.

It’s not crazy to think that they can achieve a similar result against Liverpool next week.

They had several players missing from their roster during those difficult moments, but they might have their full squad for this match against the Reds.

We also have to consider that alleged “curse” that Jurgen Klopp’s side has, which could play in Tottenham’s favor. Having Harry Kane play this final would be a cherry on top.

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