Harry Maguire hopes contact will not be removed by football through VAR

Leicester City defender Harry Maguire believes contact shouldn’t be entirely removed from football, as VAR will be introduced in the Premier League from the 2019-20 campaign.

As a defender, Harry Maguire believes there still has to be some contact in football.

He believes the VAR will be a success in the long run but has urged the football authorities not to become too strict and entirely remove the contact from the game.

“I do believe there still has to be some contact in the game because if you are not bumping into your man at a corner you are not getting tight enough,” he said via The Guardian.

“A little push or a nudge should not be enough for a penalty, but being silly by grabbing someone around the neck is obviously different.

“It’s up to the laws as to what is deemed soft, but I don’t think you can outlaw all contact in the box because that’s how you defend – you get tight to your man and try to use your strength.”

Maguire also spoke about his England career. The defender had his debut only 18 months ago, but he already feels like it has been a long time ago.

He was a part of the 23-man squad, which won the fourth place in the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

Walker expects Sterling to become a better player

Manchester City footballer Kyle Walker expects his teammate Raheem Sterling will only get better for the 2019-2020 English Premier League season.

The 26-year old scored the opener in the 2-0 victory over Sweden at the Cosmos Arena in Samara, helping England to secure progress to the semi-finals.

“Though a lot has happened it is only a year ago that I was playing my first games for England, and I was nervous like everyone else is in that situation. At that time Jamie Vardy was in the camp and he helped me a lot, because I knew him from Leicester.

“Now I’m a regular member of the squad and I know what to do to help new players settle in. You have to speak to them, especially through the game, and give them confidence.

“Every young lad’s dream is to play for England but when you get the chance there’s bound to be pressure and a few nerves.”

“We are the only World Cup semi-finalists to get through to the Nations League finals, so that shows the progress we are making,” he added.


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