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Harry Winks misses White Hart Lane

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Harry Winks says that he misses playing at the White Hart Lane but admits that the new stadium has already started feeling like home.

In a few years time, Harry Winks will quite possibly become one of the few Tottenham Hotspur players who played at the White Hart Lane.

Spurs moved to the Tottenham Stadium in the last few weeks of last season but the old school grandeur that White Hart Lane had is never going to be replicated. For decades, Spurs played at the iconic stadium

However, keeping in view the changing dynamics of the game, one cannot blame the Londoners for moving to a new stadium and calling it home.

While The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is not going to evoke the memories like the White Hart Lane did initially, its high-tech facilities and the latest architectural layout is definitely a great workplace environment. And the old stadium holds a special place in the heart of Harry Winks.

Speaking to talkSPORT, Harry Winks admitted that he does miss the Lane. However, the Englishman admits that the team feels very much at home inside the new stadium.

“Do I miss White Hart Lane? Yeah, it was an iconic place.

“It was where I scored my first ever goal, I watched games there all through the years when I was young, it was an incredible place.

“You could always feel the crowd on top of you, especially when you were playing well.

“At some stadiums you can hear the crowd but you can’t quite feel it on top of you, whereas at White Hart Lane you could always feel it.

“It’s similar at the new stadium. When you’re on the pitch it feels like the fans are there with you.

“What they’ve tried to do is make the pitch and stadium as similar as they possibly could on a bigger dimension and a larger scale. It still feels like home when you go there.

“It’s only been eight games, but it sort of feels like we’re still at White Hart Lane.

“It feels like our home already.”