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Has bad boy Mario fallen out with another coach?

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Mario Balotelli has a reputation of falling out with his coaches, has he had a bust-up with Fabio Grosso?

Mario Balotelli is rumored to have had a serious falling out with Brescia coach Fabio Grosso.

This is not the first time Balotelli has had a falling out with his coach.

In fact, he is notorious for it, with the most infamous of all being with current Italy manager Roberto Mancini when they were at Manchester City together.

While not believed to be as physical as his previous managerial altercation, it is known that Balotelli left this afternoon’s training session at Brescia early.

There was no official explanation given for his early departure, and now inside sources claiming the coach told him to leave

According to Gazzetta Dello Sport, today’s session saw Grosso dismiss the Italian forward from the group.

He said:

“Mario, go.”

The source described Balotelli as very angry at the situation.

Tensions are rumored to have been high since Grosso substituted Balotelli at halftime during the Torino defeat.