Hazard doesn’t care if he’s amongst the best in England

Belgian winger Eden Hazard couldn’t care less if he is the best player in England, that’s exactly what could give him the distinction soon.

This start of the season has been truly incredible for Chelsea star Eden Hazard, who was already coming in fantastic form after the World Cup with his country and continues riding the wave right now.

In the last couple of months, there has even been a lot of debate about him being the best player in the world over Messi and Ronaldo, which is complete nonsense as Hazard himself has already stated.

But the devil may care attitude that the player has towards that subject right now, might be the ultimate reason why he truly can dispute the spot as the best with Lionel Messi.

Hazard was recently interviewed by SPORT Bible this week about his opinion on who is the best player in England and the world, Eden flat out responded that he doesn’t even care about that and had no problems mentioning other players while completely leaving himself out of the conversation.

In the past, we have seen how an obsessed Cristiano Ronaldo was chasing that distinction and how Messi took it away from him repeatedly.

Then after he stopped thinking about being the best and started focusing on playing for his teammates, Ronaldo was finally recognized as the best.

Hazard has never really been invested in becoming the best player in the world, but this season is shaping him to actually make a good case for the throne.

During the interview with SPORT Bible, Hazard spoke about a lot of interesting topics, but the most important was his current form, the best players in the world for him, and finally his incredible goal against Liverpool in the Carabao Cup.

“In terms of goals, yes. At the moment I’m good but in two months it can be different. I just keep practicing on the pitch, training and we will see what happens.”

“If I score I’m good, if I don’t score and I’m playing good, for me it’s perfect. I just need to keep winning games. If I want to get to that level (Messi and Ronaldo), I have to Keep this level, scoring goals every game. Simple.”

“But what for you is the best player? Maybe for you it’s people who score more goals, another one is not thinking about that. At the moment I’m good – if I’m the best, If I’m not I don’t care.”

“In the Premier League, we have a lot of top players. [Sergio] Aguero is one of the best, [Kevin] De Bruyne is injured but he’s one of the best, Mo Salah was the best last year,” said Hazard about the best players in England.

The Chelsea star dedicated a special moment to talk about N’Golo Kante, who is one of the best players in the world in his opinion: “N’Golo [Kante] in the team is one of the best so we have a lot of good players. He is a fantastic guy.”

“On the pitch he’s always trying to do his best for the team. France won the World Cup because of N’Golo, two years ago we won the league because of N’Golo and Leicester won the league because of N’Golo.”

“He’s a fantastic player, he controls the midfield and off the pitch he’s a fantastic guy also. This guy can talk, especially in French.”

“We speak French together so it’s easier for him to talk French than English but he’s a normal guy and in the dressing room we have a lot of guys like this. It’s why he’s happy here.”

About his goal against Liverpool in the Carabao Cup, Eden isn’t convinced that it0s the best he’s ever scored and mentioned a couple more: “It’s [near the] top of the list for sure,” said Hazard.

“Against Arsenal was good, against Liverpool three years ago at Anfield was fantastic also so for me it’s not easy to say, ‘this one was better than the other’.”

“Like I did against Huddersfield, like I did against Arsenal at the beginning of the season – when you go on the pitch and you feel all of the players are a bit tired and you are fresh, you need to produce something.”

“To be fair I prefer to be on the pitch than the bench but in the team it’s not just one or two players, we have 25 players that can play every week so when I am on the pitch I try to score or change the game,” Hazard concluded.

In which position amongst the best players in the world would you place Eden Hazard? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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