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Hazard might’ve played his last match at Stamford Bridge

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After eliminating Eintracht Frankfurt with a goal from the spot, this might be Eden Hazard’s last match at Stamford Bridge for Chelsea.

Eden Hazard’s future is still on the line and nobody knows what will happen with him at Chelsea, he might have played his last match at Stamford Bridge.

After scoring the winning penalty against Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League semifinals, Hazard appeared very emotional with the fans after the match.

The Belgian player is currently trying to negotiate his exit from the club in order to fulfill his dream of playing at Real Madrid under Zinedine Zidane.

However, there are many obstacles that are preventing Hazard from leaving the Blues.

The most obvious one is the transfer ban that Chelsea just suffered from FIFA, this doesn’t allow the Blues from signing any players for the next year.

Although they already have secured Christian Pulisic for next season, it’s quite obvious that Chelsea would like Eden to stay at the club for one more season.

But Real Madrid is currently desperate to find the players they want to start building the team for next season.

Los Blancos have already closed the deal for striker Luka Jovic, who also played the semifinal at Stamford Bridge on Thursday evening.

Both players delivered good results in this game but Hazard was the man of the match after scoring the winning goal.

When asked about his future after the match, Eden Hazard was as cryptic as possible in his response.

“I don’t think [about] that. I’m only thinking about trying to win something for this club,” Hazard told BT Sport when questioned about his possible future away from Chelsea.

“If it’s my last game [the final] I will try to do everything. In my mind I don’t know yet, so I will just try to win games for Chelsea.”

“It was hard but when you start a game you think you can reach the final, especially when you draw the first game away,” added Hazard.

“At home it’s a bit easier but today it wasn’t.”

“I think we played a great game but the semi-final of the Europa League is not easy. At the end we won on penalties and we’re just happy. Now we go to Baku and will try to win the trophy.”

“In the first half, yes, I think we were the better team, but then as keeps happening we concede a goal after five minutes of the second half. It was 50-50 in the end and penalties is 50-50 as well.”

“It’s a penalty, you never know, but I always take my responsibility. I scored and the boys are happy, the fans are happy, but it’s not finished.”

“We have a game to play against Arsenal. We need to go to Baku and play with quality and win the game.”

Hazard will still try to leave despite the ban.

Chelsea FC tried to appeal for the transfer ban against FIFA this week and they got a resounding ‘NO’ as a response.

The idea for the English club was to get a delay that could at least help them sign new players during the next summer transfer window.

Even though they are trying to keep Eden Hazard as hard as they can, the Belgium international is set on leaving by the end of the season.

Hazard’s words after the match did sound inconclusive but he did hint that he could possibly play his last match against Arsenal in Istanbul.

We can’t forget that the Europa League is a title that Eden Hazard already won for Chelsea during his first season at the club.

The number ’10’ will at least try to leave the Blues with some silverware but he will still do everything in his power to play at Real Madrid next season.

Hazard already knows that Los Blancos won’t wait for him until next season, he needs to make a decision as soon as possible and possibly even hand a transfer request to the English FA.

It’s obvious that Eden doesn’t want things to get nasty between him and the club, but he is willing to take this negotiation to the extreme if necessary.

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