Hazard reveals why his team are eager to get three points

Chelsea is set to visit Liverpool tonight in English Premier League action and Hazard has explained why his team is very eager to win.

Liverpool is set to host Chelsea tonight at Anfield, as part of English Premier League action.

And for superstar Eden Hazard, this game is very special as they want to take three points away from the Reds, and add them to their account in search of the UEFA Champions League spots.

“We have five games to play,” the Belgian told the club’s official website.

“Of course, it is hard to be in the top four because we are not the only team. Tottenham, Arsenal, Man United, they are good, they all want to be in the top four, so we still have a lot of games to play and not easy games, but at the end we are Chelsea.”

“If we want we can beat anyone, so now we are in the top four and we want to finish there at the end of the season,” he added.

“I think they have been on fire for two years, not just this season, but City, they are there as well.”

“They are a fantastic team to watch, I think the manager is great, they have players who are some of the best in the world, so it’s going to be a good game, a hard one, but it’s always hard at Anfield. But we are Chelsea, we can beat anyone, so we will see,” he continued.

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“We want to win because we want to finish in the top four. We don’t care about who can win the title between City and Liverpool, we want to go there and try to win the game for ourselves.”

“We have to qualify – that’s it, that simple,” he said.

“We want to play in the Champions League next season so the only solution is to be in the top four or win the Europa League.”


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