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He still remembers the day – Griezmann reflects on his hardest moment as a footballer

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Antoine Griezmann made history with Atletico Madrid, having played a key role in Atleti’s teams since joining in 2014.

Griezmann reached the Champions League final with Los Colchones.

Atletico lost painfully, and the Frenchman still remembers that day.

“I remember it [the miss] a lot and it hurts a lot,” Griezmann admitted to UEFA TV.

“I think it was my penalty that lost us that final. We were so good and I’m sure if we scored that we’d have had another.

“It’ll always hurt, even though I’m at another club.

“It will always hurt because it was my goal and dream to win that with Atletico.

“I can’t go back, but that’ll hurt in 10 or 15 years as well.”

The striker moved to Barcelona this summer to try and conquer Europe with the world’s best.

It’s gonna be a daunting task, with Blaugrana having traumas on their own.

However, they started out well by topping their Champions League group in style.