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Hemed is proud of Israel’s football traditions

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In a country surrounded by controversial topics, the sport has united people from any ethnic and religious backgrounds

Tomer Hemed is proud to play in the Israel national team.

He says football as united people in his country which is surrounded by controversial topics from politics, to ethnic and religious backgrounds.

“I just tell people to go there and see how good it is,” Hemed told The Independent.

“If we look at the life between Jewish and Muslims and Christians, people can go to Israel and see that people are living together so good, especially if it’s Haifa where I used to play.”

“The football clubs in Israel are a good example,” he added.

“We are all friends from different religions playing together. In the national team, there are a lot of Muslim and Jewish players representing the country together, living together, sharing their lives together.”

“Of course, unfortunately, there are some areas where it’s very complicated and difficult, but not all the country is like that,” he concluded.