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Henderson: “Our mentality is fantastic”

Jordan Henderson, Liverpool
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Jordan Henderson scored in maybe the toughest Liverpool win this season yet. The captain took the team on his back when they needed him the most.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Liverpool dig out an unlikely win after going down early on.

Their wins look like Liverpool is real championship material this season, and with squad’s chemistry at the level this high, it’s no wonder Klopp’s team is doing so well.

Henderson talked to Sky Sports after the match. When he was asked about Liverpool’s prowess in getting back from tough situations, he simply replied:


“That’s grown over the last few years. The gaffer has changed that so much in us and the mentality’s fantastic throughout the squad.

“Whenever we face adversity we bounce back and we need to carry that right through the season because it’s not going to go all our own way; it’s going to be difficult at times like it was today.

“But it’s about going through that, pushing each other and always believing.”

Liverpool’s confidence reflects in Mane’s statement, who clearly said they want to win the Premier League.

“I was thinking, ‘We’re going to come back.’ We try to push each other as a team, create chances and in the end we scored two goals and deserved to win tonight.

“To be honest I thought it was a clear penalty. I knew he [Aurier] was going to go for the ball so I tried to put my legs in between, so unlucky for him, lucky for me.

“Every win is a big moment and it’s big for us because of what we need and what we’re looking for. I know it’s early to speak about but what’s wrong? We want to win it.”

The Reds don’t have time to celebrate. They face the struggling Arsenal in just three days in the League Cup.