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Henderson says Liverpool have moved on from Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho, Bayern Munich
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Jordan Henderson insists Liverpool have managed to adjust very well after the departure of Philippe Coutinho.

Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson suggests they no longer miss Philippe Coutinho while arguing that parting ways with him was a step forward for his side.

After spending six years at Anfield, Coutinho moved to Barcelona for a massive €160 million fee in 2018.

But the Brazilian never really managed to live up to his expectations and was eventually shipped off to Bayern on loan last summer. And Coutinho is slowly picking up his form this season.

In other news, reports suggest that Liverpool seem to be interested in signing him back.

But Jordan Henderson believes that the 27-year old’s time has already passed. Moreover, the Reds captain insisted that he was wrong in thinking that Coutinho’s loss would hinder Liverpool’s chances of success.

“I think his time here has passed. He’s moved and I hope that in the near future we see the same Phil that we saw here,” he told SPORT.

“I thought that it was going to be a big loss for us, it would be for any team.

“But I felt it was a moment to take a step forward. The guys lifted their performances and we fixed things without him quite well.”