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Henry claimed that it is not easy to be a coach

Arsenal v Charlton Athletic
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Thierry Henry used to play under Arsene Wenger for many years and he admitted that dealing with himself wasn’t easy from the managerial point of view and he can see it now.

Henry is trying to become a coach himself as he is an assistant coach in the Belgium national team – and he admitted that it wasn’t easy with him when he used to be an active player under Arsene Wenger.

The former France international spoke about Wenger’s coaching difficulties as he said, according to Mirror:

“Unfortunately what you don’t see is the amount of hours that he puts on the field and his office to make sure that team can perform.”

“I know it’s a cliche thing, work and stuff, but listen: I can testify because I’m just starting. It’s hard to be a coach.”

“I was a pain in the neck. Just imagine if you multiply that by the whole squad. It’s what you guys don’t see. That’s very difficult.”

“I know people will tell me he has an amazing contract. That doesn’t mean he’s not a human being, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t go through emotion.”