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Henry comes clean on “that” 2009 handball

Thierry Henry, France
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Thierry Henry admits to his handball for France against the Republic of Ireland that set up a World Cup playoff match-winning goal.

It was 2009 and France was facing the Republic of Ireland in a World Cup playoff. The winning goal has become infamous. During the build-up, Thierry Henry used his hand to control the ball.

That controlled the goal that won the match for France. Some have since looked at Henry in a different light and he has even been tarred with the brush of not playing fair.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Henry admits it was a handball but has no remorse and his explanation is in fact logical and honest.

Anyone who knows anything about football knows that one of the fundamentals of the game is you play to the whistle. You never assume a call is going to go your way, and you never stop playing regardless unless the ref blows.

This is a philosophy that World Cup Winner Henry has always played the game by. It hasn’t always worked out for him, but on one particular occasion, it did.

He said:

‘”What is the only rule drilled into you as a young player?”

“Play until the whistle.”

“Arsenal, at Manchester United, they scored after the whistle. It went for my team but, still, ridiculous.”

When pushed on the matter of “that ” goal and the impact VAR may have had on it.

He insists:

“The only rule I know is “Play. Until. The. Ref. Blows. The. Whistle.”

“I was educated that way and I will never change. VAR or no VAR, it doesn’t matter.”