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Henry lays down the marker against Amiens

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Thierry Henry has urged his Monaco players to go for the winner against Amiens using the first half display against Montpellier as the reference point.

“Even though we lost to Montpellier, I saw positive things that I had never seen before. We did play, we tried to start from behind, I think we saw the intentions of our game.

“It starts to happen but in the end, we lose. Now we must maintain the level displayed in the first half on Saturday. He told the club’s media.

“It’s been a while since I’m trying to find a balance with pairs of players. We stay in the same formation even if everyone cannot play each time.

“We find ourselves in the same situation as against Caen. Amiens is a direct opponent, it’s a six-point match. This meeting allows us to bounce back quickly.

“We know that Amiens is a tough team to maneuver that fights in all directions, even more, when playing at home. “