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Here are Real Madrid’s transfer plans for James Rodriguez

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It’s time to talk about the many options that Real Madrid currently has with James Rodriguez, they still have to decide the player’s future.

While James Rodriguez still waits for a resolution about his future from the comfort of his house, Real Madrid is the one suffering.

The Colombian player is actually one of the great names that keep popping up in the summer transfer market.

We already know that SSC Napoli was crazy to get his contract but Los Blancos won’t accept getting a loan as they did with Bayern.

Florentino Perez’s mind is set on getting no less than €50 million for the Colombian, this complicates everything for the Italian club from the South.

The Spanish club has up to three different clubs that want him, Napoli is only one of them and it’s the one that can offer the least convincing deal.

The other clubs that are after the Colombian are Juventus and Atletico Madrid, Florentino wouldn’t mind sending James to either one of both clubs.

We already wrote about what a mistake it would be to send James across the street to the Colchoneros, but Los Blancos don’t see the South American player as a threat for some reason.

The Juventus option is also on the table, as they also wouldn’t mind paying €50 million for this player.

However, Perez doesn’t like the idea of sending any player to a direct Champions League competitor.

James’ plans after his vacations.

Los Blancos already sent a warning to Napoli, not responding well to their demands would open the option for the other two clubs.

Both Juventus and Atletico are waiting on Napoli’s answer, the Old Lady signing James would be a huge blow for the Naples squad.

The schedule for James Rodriguez after he ends his vacation from the Copa America are as follows.

The player is set to return on July 29 to the club, he will start getting ready alongside all of his teammates at Real Madrid and he will only wait for the final decision.

The playmaker is not in a hurry to determine his future, he knows that he will land on his feet regardless of where he ends up this summer.

Any club that gets James during the transfer window will become a title contender for any competition.

We are talking about a player who can arguably be considered the best Colombian player in football history, his talent is unmatched if you compare him to other compatriots of his.

After coming back from his holiday, James Rodriguez is set to drop an even bigger problem for Zinedine Zidane and Florentino Perez.

If a deal doesn’t go through, Los Blancos still need to get rid of at least one of three players who perform in the same position.

The Isco and Ceballos discrepancy.

Even though Zinedine Zidane doesn’t really want James Rodriguez in the squad, there is actually a possibility for him to not leave Real Madrid.

The club still has both Daniel Ceballos and Isco Alarcon, Zidane only needs one playmaker on his squad and another one to replace the starter.

For that position, ‘Zizou’ has the two Spaniards and the Colombian player.

If an offer doesn’t come for the South American player, the manager will have to drop at least one of them.

Despite the Colombian’s great reputation on the market, Isco Alarcon actually has more pull than him and an offer could come for the Malaga native.

It is rumored that Manchester City might be interested in signing Isco this summer, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Ceballos’ case is more complicated because his destination appears to be set on the Premier League, with Arsenal and Tottenham going after him strong.

Zidane has no other option than to wait and see which offer comes first, that’s when we’ll know who he is going to keep.

It’s hard to believe but James still has a shot at staying in Real Madrid next season, he isn’t worried about anything.

We will keep you informed as soon as we get some new information on the matter.

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