Higuain says he’s immune to criticism

The Chelsea forward has been criticized a lot lately, but right now he is not paying attention to his detractors and is only working to get better.

Argentinean forward Gonzalo Higuain is used to always being criticized.

The Chelsea attacker has played in different teams around the world, and he always received criticism for the lack of trophies won, or even for changing clubs.

But now, he says he doesn’t care about criticism anymore.

“I always regretted hiding, not going out on the street for fear of what people might say,” he was quoted by ESPN.

“There are people who cause so much pain and do so many bad things and yet they go out there showing their faces without shame.”

He explained: “And we, who don’t kill anyone, who do things well, who only play a sport, why can’t we go out? Once I started to understand this, I started to go out, to live life more. I am grateful for it because life just goes by and suddenly you are 40 or 50 and you can’t go back. I live better.”

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“I’ve played in the best leagues, the best teams, in three World Cups and in the Copa America. It no longer affects me what people say. I have overcome it. When I was young, I didn’t imagine that I would achieve 10 percent of what I have. Why am I going to worry about what they say?”

“I don’t regret joining Juve, if people don’t understand this, it’s not my problem,” Higuain said.

“I know that if I want, I can return to any club where I’ve played. That is something that fills me with pride.”

“I’m a good person and I’ve always done well wherever I’ve gone. I want people to love me for being a good person, for who I am, not for how many titles I’ve won,” he concluded.


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