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Hilarious – A very good reason keepers aren’t strikers

Nuneaton Borough
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Goalkeepers are better known for stopping goals than scoring them and are more often than not terrible at shooting.

A goalkeeper is usually the last person you want getting the opportunity to score a decisive goal for your team.

In the lower leagues of English football, Nuneaton Borough has a very different setup.

Their, goalkeeper, Tony Breeden is the designated penalty taker.

There is is no negotiating or swapping out like the fiasco at Manchester United a few months ago.

If there is a penalty, Breeden makes the 100 plus meter journey from one penalty area to the other.

With a game against Stratford Town in the balance tied at 0-0, Nuneaton wins a penalty. and Breeden makes the journey north of the halfway line.

He paces the ball in the perfect spot like any experienced professional would.

He walks back and ready’s himself, he comes up to the ball at speed and stikes it ferociously.

In typical goalkeeping fashion, the ball flies high and long, into the stands and smashes the lights behind the goal.


Football can be a funny old game sometimes. Luckily for him, his side still ran out 2-0 winners, but he was able to see the funny side of things.

Sharing his humiliation on social media.

His club reported the damage, and all the evidence they needed to prove his guilt.