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Hilarious – I think I’ll announce my transfer on Tinder

Dundalk FC, ireland
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A footballer has gone public all be it a touch premature with his latest transfer by letting the world know via his Tinder account.

Usually, the buying and the selling club are in cahoots as to when they will inform the public of a transfer.

now and again you get an acrimonious split like Neymar to PSG or Griezmann to Barcelona. When the two clubs involved are at loggerheads.

However, on this occasion, no official announcement had been made but the player in question updated his status on dating site Tinder.


Midfielder Jesus Perez, plays or should I say played for UIC in America.

The clubs had not yet announced any deal, but the player inadvertently updated his employment on Tinder. According to Sport Bible, adding ” ‘Footballer for Dundalk FC'” to his profile.

Apparently the move was so hush, hush his mother didn’t even know.