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Hilarious Keane gets a huge dig in on Carragher

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Roy Keane got a huge dig in on fellow pundit Jamie Carragher as the debate of who is better Manchester United of 1999 or the Liverpool of today.

Liverpool is the standout team of the 2019/20 season without a doubt. But the debate about them being great goes on. It left Roy Keane and Jamie Carragher at loggerheads, with the former United man getting, is a brutal closing dig.

There is very little standing between Liverpool and their first league title in 30 years. While many are calling them great, others want to see longevity before thy bestow that kind of title.

There have been many comparisons between Klopp’s side and other great league title winners.

Arsenal’s invincibles is a legitimate comparison should Klopp’s side remain undefeated.

There is the great United side who won the treble in 1999. Klopp’s side can still do so that. If they do, the comparison may be a worthy one.

But it should be noted that that side dominated domestically both seasons before and after that feat.

However, speaking on Sky Sports, Liverpool legend Carragher told United legend Keane that based on points tally alone, this Liverpool side had superseded the United side.

He said:

“That United team, I think, finished with 79 points and Liverpool have got 76 now.”

Keane’s response was priceless.

He replied:

“Let’s not go down that road. That’s ridiculous.”

“You talk about points, but the bottom line is that when you win the trophy, you get one medal.”

” You don’t turn the medal over and it tells you how many points you won the league by.”

The comeback was not only a valid one but somewhat of a veiled dig at the fact Carragher has never won a league winners medal.

Keane, on the other hand, has seven of them.