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Hilarious – Terry recalls how Mourinho beat UEFA ban

Terry, Mourinho
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Former Chelsea skipper John Terry recalls how Jose Mourinho hilariously got around a stadium ban imposed on him by UEFA.

Jose Mourinho was the self-proclaimed “Special One” when he arrived at Chelsea back in 2004, after leading FC Porto to Champions League glory.

The Portuguese was master tactician when it came to management. But according to the story that John Terry recounts, he was a bit of a dab hand at being a master magician too.

In an interview with Sky Sports, the former Chelsea defender reveals how Mourinho got around a UEFA ban by pulling off his best trick ever.

The story dates back to a 2005 Champions League clash with Bayern Munich.

He said:

“He was suspended for the Bayern Munich game, he’s obviously not allowed in the stadium.”

“The kit man had to bring him through all the security.”

“About halfway to the dressing room, he’s banging on the top going: ‘I can’t breathe! Get me out! Get me out!'”

“So the kit man had to speed up and get him in.”

“We’re all thinking that the assistants, Mick McGiven or Andre Villas-Boas, are going to give a speech at half-time.”

“All of a sudden, he just gets wheeled in in a skip – and out he pops.”

“Still looking a million dollars! He still looks unbelievable, his hair has not moved or anything.”

Mourinho himself admits its all true.

Jose Mourinho is without a doubt one of the best managers in the business, but just how much do you rate him?