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Hilarious Video – Carraghaer gets the better of Neville

Neville, Carragher
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Jamie Carragher gets the better of punditry partner, friend, and bitter rival Gary Neville as he sends him into the wrong dressing room.

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher and United legend Gary Neville were bitter rivals for obvious reasons on the football pitch.

Nowadays they are an almost inseparable dynamic duo in Sky Sports punditry team.

It’s commonplace for them to have wildly humiliating bets and make rather inflammatory comments about the other’s side.

For obvious reasons, Carragher has bragging rights at the moment.

This moment of glory for the Liverpudlian came before the game.

Carragher is filming the “walk of champions” outside the Anfield dressing rooms. Talking to himself he is bragging about potential future success.

His friend is close proximity and takes as a little abuse from his commentating partner and consequently hangs him the bird.

But that, not the best bit.

Neville is so flustered by Carragher, he heads off into the Liverpool Changing rooms, which send the former Liverpool man into hysterics and makes the former United man livid.

Check it out!