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Hilarious video – Rooney gives Pereira a slap

Wayne Rooney
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Wayne Rooney did what perhaps many Manchester United fans have been desperate to do, give Andreas Pereira a slap.

Rooney a United legend whose name is still sung in the stands made his way around the players shaking hands and exchanging back slaps.

The hilarious moment took place after the final whistle of the FA Cup fifth-round tie between Manchester United and Derby.

When he gets to Pereira he averts from the traditional high five, handshake, hugs or a back slap.

Rooney gives the Brazilian midfielder a friendly slap, on the face.

The former England man has confessed he still follows his old side vehemently as a fan.

Our only conclusion can be he was hoping to wake the young midfielder up to his hapless performances of late.

Check it out!

Can’t wait to Andreas Pereira’s next United performance, I wonder if Wayne knocked some sense into him?