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Hilarious video – the penalty gods were not looking down on this team

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A hilarious video has emerged from Turkish football, you will never imagine what transpired when one side was awarded a penalty.

Referees are often accused of bottling it when it comes to awarding penalties, but not this referee.

When Europe’s elite don’t offer enough entertainment, some of the lesser leagues can help. Turkish football has left us seriously entertained by this penalty debacle.

Some call it luck, others destiny, while some say quite simply the gods were not with them on this day of battle.

Whatever you call it the referee gave the penalty-taking side every opportunity to score.

The first penalty is taken, and the keeper Ersin Aydin of Usakspor saves it.

However, after Aydin and his team finish celebrating the referee issue the number 1 a yellow card for coming off his line and the PK to be retaken.

Chance number two. Up the taker steps, wow he saves it again.

But hold on just a minute, he came off his line again, second yellow card. Bye, bye Ersin, that’s a red card for you.

Now a third bite of the cherry.

Surely they must score now against a stand-in keeper. Defender Levent Aktug assuming goalkeeping responsibilities.

Oh no! he saves for a third a final time.

Too funny, Check it out!