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Hilarious video – This has to be a record when it comes to time-wasting

Absa Premiership: Mamelodi Sundowns v Ajax Cape Town
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Is it time-wasting when it takes almost five minutes to take a corner kick?

If there is a record for time-wasting in a football game, it must have been broken with the antics these footballers got up to.

A clash between two teams in South Africa. Mamelodi Sundowns took on the Blem Celtic in what appeared to be a packed house.

The Sundowns were leading Celtic by two goals to one when they won a corner.

It was the 81st minute when the corner was awarded.

Granted take a few seconds to adjust the ball.

Maybe a second or two while your players set themselves up in the box.

Some fake movements to test the opposition.

Let’s be generous and say an attempted short corner that won’t come off. So you abort and reset to try again.

Perhaps if everything that could go wrong did go wrong a minute at most.

Well as the clock struck the 86th minute the Sundowns finally took the corner.

That’s right five minutes.

After several ball adjustments, then a few corner kick taker changes added to some yellow cards and a substitution a full five minutes had elapsed.

That has to be a record, check out the video for a highlight of the shenanigans that took place.