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Hilarious video – When celebrations go too far

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A video has emerged of a manager going a little too far in his victory celebrations against his former employer.

Mani Gamera the coach of Miembeni who plays in Zanzibar, was facing his former side Jang’ombe.

Gamera was fired by Jang’ombe. Apparently it must have been an acrimonious split with no love lost between the coach and the club.

So when his current side came up against his old one and he was victorious, he could not help but celebrate.

I mean whats wrong with celebrating?

You are happy your team has won. There is a sense of justice and satisfaction in rubbing your old team’s face in it a little.

He ran towards his old fans, pounding on his chest and punching the air.

So far so good!

However, then Gamera took things a little too far.

He began shouting and gesturing by chopping his crotch and thrusting his junk towards Jang’ombe fans.

If that wasn’t enough he pulled his pants down too and continued to chop and thrust.

He was eventually marshaled away by the stewards.

According to Sport Bible, his actions were in response to their rejection of him.

He said:

“They rejected me by calling me an ape.”

“Today the ape has taken off their clothes, and there’s nothing they can do about it. I’m their husband and I’m their dad.”

Unfortunately for him, there was something they could do.

The overexcited manager has since been punished for his actions. He was handed a six-month ban and given a $100 fine.