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Hirving Lozano already has a price at PSV Eindhoven

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After his match against FC Barcelona, PSV Eindhoven has decided to put a price tag on winger Hirving Lozano in case any club wants to buy him.

All we needed was to watch Hirving Lozano doing that sprint next to Jordi Alba in the Champions League match between PSV Eindhoven and Barcelona, that was more than enough to realize this is a very special player because pretty much no one is faster than the Catalan left-back. But Lozano was able to get past him on that sprint and everybody at Camp Nou stadium was in awe with this display of speed, the player had recently spoken about the Catalan club asking for his services during the summer but there was no deal struck before the World Cup. After the summer tournament, Lozano had already scored a very important goal against Germany and he presented himself as a very promising player that was just starting his career in European football. Even if he wasn’t able to score a goal against Barça in the Champions League last week, Hirving has remained very relevant in the Eredivisie and he just keeps scoring goals with the ‘Farmers’ week after week. This fantastic level has made the club decide to put a price tag on the player, because they know that one of the big clubs in European football will soon come after him and they want to be ahead of the curve in case any offer comes.

According to Fox Sports from Mexico, Lozano’s price tag has been elevated from €20 million to a staggering €60 million which would turn him into the most expensive Mexican player in history. If he keeps this game level up, Lozano can rest easy because Barcelona won’t be the only squad that will come after him next summer. Although PSV Eindhoven would like to keep the player for at least another season after this one, they know that he is growing too quickly to remain with the Dutch champions for longer. This club is very famous for having some of the best players in modern football on their ranks like Brazilians Ronaldo or Romario, and many other Mexican players who triumphed with the ‘Farmers’. But even if Lozano has only been at PSV for a little over a year, we can already say that he has become the best Mexican player who ever represented the club’s colors, his stats are on par with the more legendary players from the club and he just keeps growing. Should he keep this momentum going nonstop, Lozano will quickly be worth even more than those €60 million the Dutch club has decided to place him inside the scale of expensive players from their squad.

Clubs that would be interested in Lozano.

We already stated that FC Barcelona is not currently interested in Hirving Lozano, but that doesn’t mean there are not clubs that would love to have him on their ranks for next season. In Spain, there are two clubs that would be very keen on having Hirving playing for them in the near future, those clubs are Valencia and Atletico Madrid. In England, the clubs that would like having Lozano in their ranks are Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City, Everton FC, Liverpool FC, and also West Ham United where ‘Chicharito’ currently plays. There are currently no clubs in Italy who are interested in the player, but Germany could also be a great destination for him as Eintracht Frankfurt and Stuttgart would be among the clubs that have asked for him. But with this new price tag that Lozano has according to Fox Sports, his agent Mino Raiola will have a more difficult time finding him a proper squad that can help him keep growing his already impressive career as a player in European football. Lozano’s time in the Old Continent is going by quickly, and he just keeps on delivering incredible performances that will only make more clubs interested in his services for next summer during the transfer window.

Which will be the first club to come after Hirving Lozano? Please share your opinion in the comment section below.