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Hoddle says his recovery is being helped by seeing the Spurs in the UCL Final

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The legendary Tottenham Hotspur footballer suffered a cardiac arrest in October of last year, but know he feels alive seeing his team in the Champions League Final.

In October of 2018, legendary Tottenham Hotspur footballer Glenn Hoddle suffered a cardiac arrest.

He needed a quadruple heart bypass, and now that he’s recovering, he feels very lucky to be able to see the Spurs in the UEFA Champions League Final.

“I’m really good and it’s a lovely tonic, to be coming here for the Champions League Final,” he said to the club’s official website.

“It might have been something I’d missed. To think of that… it hit me in the studio (at Ajax).”

He added: “In the light of day, I thought ‘this was worth staying alive for!’ (laughs) and hopefully we can just go one step further.”

“Even if we don’t, it’s a stepping stone. Look at Liverpool.”

“They reached the final and lost last year and now they are back again with another opportunity. So that can happen,” he continued.

“But yes, I feel good. I’m recovering and almost there now.”

The former player and manager continued: “A few bits and bobs, but it’s been a wonderful journey in some respects with the fans, Tottenham fans particularly, but football fans as well.”

“It’s been amazing and it’s helped me as well. It’s helped me to recover, the positive thoughts, the positive energy.”