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Hodgson planning to compound Spurs’ woes

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Crystal Palace boss Roy Hodgson is planning to capitalise on the woeful form of Tottenham Hotspur, despite suggesting they would be keen on starting their new era with a win.

The Eagles are known for their party-spoiling feat, one memorable scenario the 3-1 win at Anfield in Steven Gerrard’s final home game.

Ahead of their encounter with Spurs in their new stadium on Wednesday, Palace will hope to upset the 60,000 Spurs supporters with a victory, according to Hodgson.

“We always go into every game thinking we have a chance to win but by the same token we don’t take any victories for granted,” Hodgson said via Sky.

“It’s going to be an extremely good occasion and I’m happy it’s fallen our way, whether it turns out to be advantageous we will have to wait and see.

“I somewhat doubt it, I think Tottenham will be so anxious to do so well that we will see the very best Tottenham you can see so we’ll have to be the best palace we can be to give them the sort of game we can give them if we are going to take any points from it.”

When asked about the new stadium, which is now the biggest club ground in London, Hodgson added: “It looks very impressive, I have seen things on TV, the 3D presentation, it’s obviously state of the art but that’s what you will expect.

“Daniel Levy and his people have spent a lot of time researching other stadia as well to take the best of those and that’s the way it tends to go with stadia.

“Each one which is the next big one is slightly better than those before because they iron out faults and take the best things with them.”

Spurs have already lost 10 games in the league and will need to improve significantly in their chase for a top-four place, hence the Palace clash is a must-win game.