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Hodgson praises Chris Wilder’s work at Sheffield

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The Crystal Palace boss believes Chris wilder did a magnificent work transforming Sheffield United into a Premier League side.

Recently promoted club Sheffield United is enjoying its first weeks in the English Premier League.

And for Crystal Palace boss Roy Hodgson, Sheffield manager Chris Wilder deserves all the credit for transforming the club into what it is now.

“I don’t think that (age) has any bearing on his capabilities as a coach today,” said Hodgson about the 72-years-old manager according to Four Four Two.

“What interests me more is what he has done since he has come to Sheffield United, with their two promotions, which is an incredible record, and the fact that his team plays the football they do, which is going to ask a lot of questions of the opponents they meet. He needs a lot of credit for that.”

“At the end of last season, he received the LMA (Sir Alex Ferguson) trophy for manager of the year, which was voted for by peers rather than by media or sponsors and I think that is the highest accolade you can receive at the end of the season, so that says everything,” he added.

“It must be an achievement to be proud of, but it speaks volumes of course for the work that he’s done because you don’t get that award unless people really respect work you have done.”

Hodgson explained: “I had no idea what his age is because that is something which would be irrelevant to me, as is the ‘young manager versus the old manager’.”

“I think it should be quite simply ‘good manager or bad manager’. Age really has got nothing to do with it, as (Jose) Mourinho proved at a very young age by piling up all the trophies that he did and that has been carried on by people like (Pep) Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp.”

“There are of course examples on the other side – the ‘old man’ Wilder, he is doing well,” he concluded.