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Hodgson reveals he doesn’t know anything about Zaha’s future

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Crystal Palace manager Roy Hodgson has revealed he doesn’t know anything about what’s happening in Wilfried Zaha’s future.

There have been some rumors that Wilfried Zaha is set to leave Crystal Palace during this summer transfer window.

But according to the team’s manager Roy Hodgson, he doesn’t know anything about the player’s future.

“He’s dealing with the chairman at the moment. The chairman’s his link, they get on very well and know each other very well,” Hodgson said to talkSPORT.

“Most of what’s going on with Wilfried is going on between him and the chairman and I can’t enlighten you at all.”

“I know what you know. I know it through reading on your websites or in newspapers,” he commented.

Hodgson explained: “I thought we were pretty much all on the same page, that we definitely need players because our squad is very small.”

“But I’m afraid at the moment we’re still there with the ones that started pre-season training.”

“The only addition is Jordan Ayew, and I knew that he was coming back as soon as the African Cup was over,” he said.

“Sporting director Doug Freedman and our chairman Steve Parish, I know they are working hard to find the right people to bring in.”

The manager concluded: “I’m confident that before the start of the season this squad will look bigger in terms of numbers and stronger in terms of the quality of player we bring in.”