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Hoeness 49 year Bayern career is coming to an end

Uli Hoeness, bayern munich
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Uli Hoeness Bayern Munich’s 49-year career is finally coming to an end as he is retiring from the club on a permanent basis.

Hoeness has been a player, general manager, and club president during his tenure.

He is clearing out his desk and contemplating life without the day to day activities at Bayern Munich.

Hoeness is perhaps notorious for his stint in jail for a tax evasion conviction that rocked German football and Bayern Munich to its core.

In an interview with the clubs official website, fcbayern.com he talks about his jail time, Bayern Munich and life after.

The club supremo insists he is ready to go.

He said:

“I’m fine. I’ve made the decision and not regretted it for a single second.”

“It will definitely be interesting – and I’m probably the one most excited by it.”

He wants nothing but success for the club and hopes his successor can take them further than he did.

He added:

“My maxim is that the club should do even better in the future.”

“For me, it’s always about FC Bayern and not individuals.”

He will always be there for Bayern but wanst to enjoy other things in life too.

He continued:

“I’ll be there. If they don’t need it, that’s a good sign.”

“My life is totally balanced.”

“I’m particularly looking forward to spending more time with my grandchildren. Amongst other things.”

“I’ll continue to give lectures and speeches, plus there’s playing golf and cards – so it won’t be a case of sitting at home next to the telephone and waiting for someone to call me up.”

While he has no regrets of life at Bayern, his tax evasion conviction was a big mistake and something he regrets.

He said:

“I haven’t regretted one day and I have everything to thank this club for.”

“My biggest mistake was my tax affairs.”

“I deeply regret that and criticism of it is highly justified.”

Hoeness admits jail was not easy, but the support of the Bavarian faithful helped him through it.

He added:

“I knew that I would have to go to prison.”

“Franck Ribery cried and the fans sang my name. That moved me beyond belief.”

“Some of the letters I got in prison were so touching that I cried like a baby in my cell.”

Bayern Munich is run like a well-oiled machine, and that is thanks in part to Uli Hoeness’s dedication to the job.

Although the German has never been shy to express his thoughts in a very public way.

It will be interesting to see if Bayern change the method of business that has served them so well for so many years.

Herbert Hainer and Oliver Kahn, are set to assume the role that Hoeness had.