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Holloway says Kane’s penalty shout was “too obvious”

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According to the former footballer, Harry Kane was brought down by Sokratis in the last minutes of the game but no penalty kick was given.

Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur drew 2-2 in yesterday’s English Premier League fixture.

And at the end of the match, Spurs’ Harry Kane was brought down by a Sokratis challenge, but no penalty kick was given.

Which was the right call, according to former footballer Ian Holloway.

“Let’s get it straight – he’s seeking to gain an advantage,” Holloway was quoted by The Daily Star.

“That’s what a lot of people do to stretch the rules.”

He explained: “That was not a shove strong enough to push him over.”

“And he knew it. He put his bum in the way, stepping across the ball and waiting for the touch.”

Holloway added: “He does it time and time again when his team is under the kosh.”

“Around the half-way, he’ll whip by and win a foul – he knows how to do it.”

“Is it cheating? It’s looking to gain an advantage,” he asked.

“It’s not the worst one I’ve seen but it’s too obvious, too quick, too early.”