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Honest Bonucci – The move to Milan was too big for me

Leonardo Bonucci
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Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci is man enough to admit his move to AC Milan was simply too big for him to handle.

All too often when a player fails or has an unsuccessful spell at a club its everyone’s fault but their own.

Hats off to Leonardo Bonucci who admits his failed 12-month spell at AC Milan was on him.

After seven illustrious years in Turin, Bonucci’s head was turned at the chance to be part of the resurgence of the mighty AC Milan.

Milan paid a staggering 42 million Euros for the Italian centre back.

Although he made 51 appearances in that year, Bonucci considers it a disaster and a move he should have never taken.

In an interview reported by Goal, he admits it was a mistake to leave Juve, he wasn’t up to the task at Milan but on a positive note, it helped him become better.

He said:

“If I think back to the Leonardo I was two or three years ago, I would not have made certain decisions.”

“The decision to go to Milan, as everyone knows, made me mature as a man.”

“It was a big chance and perhaps too big for the man I was at the time.”

Bonucci returned to Turin after 12 months for 35 million Euros and has resumed his mantle as the rock at the heart of the Bianconeri’s defence.