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How a gunshot kept Cabañas from Manchester United

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Former Paraguay international Salvador Cabañas, recently revealed that he was about to play for Manchester United when a gunshot to his head retired him.

There is a lot of football fans who weren’t aware of a talented Paraguay striker by the name of Salvador Cabañas, who played for Club America in Mexico and came very close to playing at Manchester United back in 2010. This was one of the best South American strikers at the moment, he was at the peak of his talent and he was already one of Mexican football’s greatest stars. The Paraguay international had already played the 2006 World Cup with his national team, he was widely regarded as a talent who could easily play in Europe and succeed. There even was a time when many clubs in the major leagues of the Old Continent were keen on signing him despite him being 29 years old already, Sir Alex Ferguson decided to get him for a couple of seasons and he had already struck a deal with Club America to sign the striker in 2010. Everything seemed to be going smoothly for Cabañas, until tragedy struck him and it nearly even killed him.

It was in January 2010 when Cabañas received a gunshot to the head during a heated argument with a notorious delinquent from Mexico city known as ‘JJ’, it was at a nightclub in the city during the early hours in the morning. There is even footage of the incident that took place in the bathroom of the place where the incident happened, this bullet should’ve taken the Paraguay international’s life but he was fortunate enough to survive and he is even still walking today after eight years. The former player recently gave an interview to Telefuturo where he revealed some very interesting information about his future, one that involves Club America and Manchester United, both clubs had struck a deal to take Salvador Cabañas to play in the Premier League during his last good years as a professional but this unfortunate event completely shut down any of the plans that were already in place for the player.

Cabañas described how the English club had already reached an agreement with Club America for a little over €1.5 million for his transfer which would take place during that same summer right before he turned 30 years of age. But instead of tasting what the Premier League was like, Salvador instead had to go through the most difficult time of his life as he needed many years to completely recover from this horrible incident that didn’t take his life out of pure luck: “I had signed a pre-contract agreement for €1.5m for a transfer to Europe. They told me my destination would be Manchester United. Club America doubled my salary and gave me one apartment in Acapulco and another in Cancun to try and keep me at the club. I am going to keep moving forward. I like the work, people recognize me and ask me about football. I have a lot of fun,” said Cabañas during an interview with Telefuturo.

‘Chicharito’ took his place.

It seemed that Manchester United was determined to take a player from Liga MX to their club as a marketing move in order to get more fans in the country, which is why they later decided to look for another striker in another one of the biggest clubs in Mexico. With the Cabañas deal completely tossed aside, Sir Alex Ferguson decided to look for a Mexican player and there was no better place to find a suitable candidate than Chivas. The Scotsman then started negotiations with club president Jorge Vergara to sign an unknown player who then became very popular around the world: Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez. But that spot would’ve been Cabañas’ if he hadn’t taken that bullet to the head and we probably wouldn’t have known anything about ‘Chicharito’ soon after because the Paraguay international would’ve taken his spot as a new Manchester United striker. But football works in mysterious ways.

How do you think Salvador Cabañas would’ve performed at Manchester United if he hadn’t gotten shot in the head? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.