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How can I predict football and win?


Predicting football games can earn you lots of bucks if your predictions match real-world outcomes.

It takes a lot of patience, perseverance and research to be a master in football betting and make profits. If you are just a novice and want to know how to predict football and win, take a look at these pointers.

  • Follow the tournaments’ records thoroughly

Every tournament tends to adopt a pattern sooner or later. There are favorites and underdogs in every sport and football is no exception. The favorite team has lots of points in their support. Most important being their past performance. If the team has won the tournament most times in the past or became the winner of the last edition, it becomes favorite. Hence, favoring this team may enhance the chances of winning if they have repeated their past performance in qualifying matches.

Tournaments also have a common score trend, or percentage of matches ending in a draw. The length of the tournament also makes it difficult to guess the final winner as the teams have ample chances to make a comeback. Thus, these records can help you make correct predictions.

  • Study odds and compare them

Lots of bookmakers are functional in football betting. European markets are mostly soft bookmakers where the odds are kept low, the bet sizes are kept small too. The Asian bookies are quite sharp. They may keep the odds high, pay-outs high and also offer high returns. Understanding odds from these markets separately can help you ascertain efficiency of odds. With regular practice and trials, you can get the bookmaker whose odds are certain to get converted.

  • Consider both the situational analysis and the past history

Motivation level, confidence of the team and the strengths of any team emerge from three factors – zeal to prove their supremacy, current form of the players and presence of all the strong players, and the winning record. A team is likely to be more confident and show an aggressive play if it is facing a weaker team, or playing in the home ground, or have won a few matches back-to-back.

Situational analysis plays a major role and has more importance than historical records because current form is the final indicator. If a team managed to pull a win just by a last-minute goal and had no technical finesse throughout the match, then that team cannot be branded as a strong team. So, if any bookmaker has made an odd solely on the last tournament’s records, then you have a chance of having a value bet. You can safely defy the odd and make big money.

  • Exercise lot of patience

Betting is not something to be done on impulse. You are playing with own money and real money, losing it is not a good idea. So, practice a patient approach while staking on the bet. You should not get lured into the flash sale offers or bet for discounts. Do the homework correctly and thoroughly before picking the odd. Compare all bookmakers and exchanges, and then, decide the stake amount and the side to favor.

Research has got no replacement. So, research thoroughly to get the clear picture and then try a bet or two to find your betting strategy that works for you.

  • Bet with brains and not heart

Miracles happen but once in million times. Considering every opportunity a jackpot is simply digging your financial grave. So, make a betting budget wisely and stick to it. Place small amounts of bet and don’t regret having not putting a mammoth amount on the bet you won. Also, don’t double your next stake in a hope to cover the previous loss. Assign the bet the money it deserves!

  • Bet selectively and largely on quality stakes

You will be inundated with lots of bets throughout the day. The trick lies in practicing caution and making quality selection. Your betting amount should never exceed what you can’t afford to lose. Also, have one bet a day and make it a regular practice.

It ensures that you have researched your bet well and are amply confident of the outcome. Going through a number of fixtures is not possible for a person unless you are a robot or a superhuman. So, study thoroughly selected bets and only then stake the money. Quality does offer better outputs than quantity when it comes to betting on football games.

  • Take tipster advice

Tipsters are the professionals who have in-depth knowledge of football game. They have access to insider news, research tools, and sometimes, the support of the betting syndicates too. Hence, they are capable of providing the win result for the predictions for most times. Using tipster advice can be used to confirm the hunch. In the tip, they may suggest the correct or close to correct odd. Also, there is a compare odds feature provided to help the punters find the odds available at various bookies and pick the most efficient ones. You can refer to the tipster verification site’s suggestions as these sites check the top 10 soccer tipsters performance with real money and recommend it only after thorough and stringent check.

  • Change bookmakers from time to time

You need not stick to a single bookmaker if you are not able to make profits with it. Sometimes, the bookmaker chosen may not be up to the mark, or may be indulged in rigged betting. Hence, it is better to maintain relationships with the bookmakers with an open mind. Keep trying different services for checking results. Also, you may skip the bookmakers’ prying eyes and avoid getting blocked if you keep winning. Joining bookmakers as newbies help you benefit from the welcome discounts and bonuses too.

To conclude, predicting football games and scoring wins require hunch and research but you can leverage on best football tipsters. You need to have access to a reasonable bookmaker too. Analyze your betting record to find the profitable bets and bookmakers. And, get all hunched confirmed with a verified tipster. You may make a lot of money by following all these tips and survive the betting world for long.