How Cesc Fabregas can help Thierry Henry’s Monaco

After AS Monaco’s draw against Olympique Marseille, we could have a glimpse of what Cesc Fabregas can do to help Thierry Henry’s squad this season.

In football history, there are many stories like the one between Thierry Henry and Cesc Fabregas where they shared a locker room and then one was the manager of the other.

The former Arsenal striker was one of the Spaniard’s very first mentors in football, one of his biggest examples on the pitch and a player who always had a special connection with Fabregas’ very specific style of play.

Given how many times has Thierry Henry described his preferred football, him calling Cesc for AS Monaco was practically a no-brainer and we could see what his intentions were after only one match during his Ligue 1 debut against Olympique Marseille last weekend.

Back at Chelsea, Cesc Fabregas always struggled to get his way on the pitch because it was always crowded with other great midfielders who didn’t give him a chance to showcase his talents to their full extent.

The most faithful version we have of this player is the one who played for Arsenal, as Wenger gave him a free pass to move throughout the whole pitch and permission to have the ball at all times.

Fabregas is at his best when he comes playing the ball with his teammates from behind, but always staying in contact with the build-up from the very beginning.

Thierry Henry’s message to Cesc was pretty clear, he wants the midfielder to lead the squad by playing exactly as he did when he was at Arsenal.

It didn’t take Cesc long to prove that he’s still got it, we were able to see the exact same type of football he displayed with the Gunners all those years ago and the same type that we could enjoy in the sporadical moments he played for the Spanish National Team.

Despite not having scored goals or assisted his teammates against Marseille, it was evident that Fabregas was finally feeling important in the club and it showed during the whole match.

Thierry Henry still hasn’t won a single match during his short spell for AS Monaco so far, but the match his squad played at Marseille this past weekend is filling everyone with hopes for what could happen next.

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Cesc Fabregas completely changed the players’ mentality, all they need is the first victory in order to gain more confidence and start believing that getting saved from relegation is possible.

As far as Cesc Fabregas’ personal situation goes, the player’s family understood quickly that he needed a change of scenery and leaving London was going to be necessary in order to make Fabregas recover his smile.

The player felt like a footballer once again, he loves that Thierry Henry is trusting him so much at Monaco and he has a huge challenge ahead of him for the remains of the current season.

As Radamel Falcao is still on leave due to his father’s passing, it will be Cesc’s responsibility to lift up the squad and hope that the Colombian striker returns motivated in order to start creating beautiful football together.

If Falcao comes back in good form despite his personal situation, he and Cesc have the potential to transform AS Monaco into one of the most competitive squads in the French Ligue 1.

As the table stands right now, Henry’s squad is still in the relegation zone with only 14 points but still half a season to go. Getting the salvation is not impossible, but it will be a very difficult task for the whole squad.

Do you think Cesc Fabregas has what it takes to help AS Monaco get saved from relegation in Ligue 1? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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