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How Dagba become one of PSG’s regulars

Colin Dagba, France,
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21-year-old full-back Colin Dagba had a very difficult time to break into professional football, but now he’s one of PSG’s regular players.

French defender Colin Dagba has been playing professionally since he debuted for Boulogne II in 2015.

The next year he moved to the senior squad, but that same year he was bought by Paris Saint-Germain to play in the B team.

And after 24 months, he started to be featured on the first team.

“At first I thought I would stay at Lens and in the end, they let me go because Lens disbanded one of the teams in my age group,” he told the league’s official website.

“Already at that age, it was a huge disappointment. I was really very sad. I felt especially bad for my parents, I felt I hadn’t done enough for them and I was very sad for them.”

“Those difficult moments have really helped me now. first of all, to make sure I always keep pushing myself because I think I was too comfortable in Lens,” he added.

“I understood I had to work hard if I wanted to get where I wanted to go. I was able to pick myself up at Boulogne.”

“When you sign for Paris, you know now its football and nothing else, you give 200 percent,” he said.

“Between Boulogne and Paris, that was the biggest difference, you have to be completely focused, the intensity of training, of your teammates, and the quality as well.”

“You don’t have these players on every side, but it’s ok. Nearly everyone speaks French now, so it’s pretty simple and we have a small group of kids that all get along well. it’s cool,” he concluded.