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How De Jong’s arrival will bring FC Barcelona’s style back

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Now that he’s been practicing with his teammates at FC Barcelona, it’s time to talk about Frenkie de Jong’s impact in the squad during this season.

As we saw how much AFC Ajax evolved last season with Frenkie de Jong leading them in midfield, we soon realized FC Barcelona made a unique transfer.

The Dutch midfielder is a very rare find for the Catalan club, a specific type of player they desperately needed in order to return to the very top of the world.

This is a type of footballer who always knows where to send his passes, and protects the ball like very few players in history could do it.

The best examples we can offer of this are Xavi Hernandez, Xavi Alonso, and Zinedine Zidane himself.

Frenkie de Jong has a little bit of all three players, rolled up into one. We are convinced that the general population is not expecting what De Jong will bring to the squad, they will be very pleasantly surprised.

Even during the training sessions that Barcelona already had over the last couple of weeks, it’s evident that De Jong came to impose his law on the pitch and no other player has what he can offer.

Even Ivan Rakitic quickly preferred to make peace with the idea that Frenkie came to get a spot inside the starting eleven, but both players can perform together.

There are countless moments from De Jong’s last season at Ajax that we can talk about, ones that give us a better idea of the type of players he is.

There were many videos that even the official UEFA Champions League account published, of Frenkie simply going to work on his defensive skills.

This is a player who could do a little bit of everything, and he did it in spectacular fashion.

Whether it’s coming back to recover a ball he lost with a 50-yard run or delivering a pass between the lines to find a striker, Frenkie really is the perfect evolution of what Johan Cruyff envisioned all those years ago.

The only problem that the legendary Dutchman had back then, is that no compatriots of his were able to produce the type of football that he wanted.

This is the reason Cruyff decided to take the step to FC Barcelona, a place where Spanish footballers could understand his concepts a lot better and execute them to perfection.

De Jong grew up knowing about the legacy that his compatriot left at Barcelona, he took the best lessons from the players he watched on a weekly basis on television.

Even after retiring from the sport, Johan Cruyff kept teaching the world about his philosophy.

Frenkie de Jong has the potential to become to his country, what Xavi became for the Spanish National Team.

The man really is that talented, you will see what we mean during his first matches with the club.

Griezmann called it back in February.

We are quite certain that one of Antoine Griezmann’s main reasons to finally make up his mind to play at Barcelona, was because of Frenkie.

The French winger was convinced by the Colchoneros to remain at Atletico Madrid last season, he was moved by the club when the fans booed him during a match but the players convinced them to stop.

Griezmann felt overwhelmed by this response, this is what moved him to make his decision to back down from going to Barcelona.

However, all that changed back in February when France played against the Netherlands in the UEFA Nations League.

De Jong had just signed for Barcelona and Antoine played against him twice in the competition.

Even though the French defeated the Dutch during the first match back in September 2018, the second time they played brought a disappointing defeat for the World Champions.

In both of these games, Griezmann knew how special Frenkie was after those two matches.

When asked about the best player he’s ever faced by ‘Oh My Goal’, Griezmann didn’t hesitate to say it.

“I would say de Jong from Ajax Amsterdam because I tried to put pressure on him and never succeeded.” Luckily for Antoine, he doesn’t have to face Frenkie when he plays for his club anymore.

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