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How does AAMS (ADM) influence Seria A?

Juventus, corruption, Serie A
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Seria A is the top league for Italian football. For more than 100 years its affiliated clubs have spawned incredible players, matches, and the best highlights in sports.

On every match, legions of passionate fans follow their teams, backing them with cheers, prayers, and bets. For the Italian league, betting has become such an integral part of the sport as the grass in football fields. For now, even non AAMS bookmakers are gaining huge popularity because of recent gambling regulations. It has sponsored teams, players, tournaments; and the most controversial moments in Italian sports history.

Allemandi, the Totonero, Calcipoli, all names that constantly haunt the league’s reputation with match-fixing corruption, and becoming the for the ADM a target for the sake of the Italian passion.

The stain of corruption

Gambling and sports are 2 favourite Italian leisures. With millions of euros on the line in every match, everyone wants a part of the pie, especially criminal elements. Money is a motivation enough to corrupt entire clubs if that makes them earn their profits


This was the first big profiled case of match-fixing in the Italian League. In the late ’20s, Luigi Allemandi, Juventus defence through was willing to make them win in exchange for 50,000 Liras at the time. the result was a 2-1 with Torino winning the Scudetto. It did past too much until the case came to the public light. Allemandi was banned from the league and the Torino club stripped from its title.

The Totonero

The illegal pool betting case, best known as the TOTONERO exposed the depths of corruption in football games. The accusation from a  rabid fruit seller exposed the linking of more than 20 players and 2 team managers from 5 teams involved in a series of match-fixes putting the whole Italian football under the scope.

Peruga forward Paolo Rossi was one of the pointed figures in the scandal leading him to a 2-year ban from the league. Incidentally, after serving his time he participated in the 82’ edition of the FIFA World Cup and led Italy to win the championship. Rossi itself earned the Golden Ball and Golden Boot, as the best player and scorer. The feat made the Italian Federation of Football to conveniently reduce the suspension of several other players.


It didn’t pass too much until scandal shocked again Seria A in 2006. Another series of match-fixing cases, along with doping, and a corruption scheme that reached highs spheres as UEFA commissioners and national government representatives.

Juve general manager Luciano Moggi and its associate wrongdoings shot down in flames the reputation of the Italian league. Juventus, the Italian football ambassador was punished with its 2005 and 2006 league titles stripped away along with being relegated to the second division.

Again, in this case,  the shine of the 4th FIFA World Cup victory in Germany 2006 was enough to erase the shadows of the dirtiest case of match-fixing in Italian football history.

Juventus, corruption, Serie A
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BARI, ITALY – MAY 14: Fabio Cannavaro of Juventus holds up the title trophy after the Serie A match between Reggina and Juventus at the Stadio Granillo on May 14, 2006 in Bari, Italy. (Photo by New Press/Getty Images)

Juventus, corruption, Serie A
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ROME – JULY 25: Journalists watch Italian football appeal court president Piero Sandulli on a screen as the Federal Appeals Commission deliver the definitive verdicts regarding the fate of the Serie A football clubs on July 25, 2006 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images)

Committed with transparency

The last weren’t isolated cases, they are the overflow spilling of a well organized and continuous affair that connected whole dressing rooms with Italian betting shops almost since the inception of football in Italy.

As an active member of the UN prevention and fight against betting-related match-fixing program Italian’s AAMS joined forces with other local entities and through the participation of the Agenzia del doge an dei monopoli (ADM) – game and monopoly agency – has provided the following measures as a gambling regulator to control illegal betting and those wrongly pushing the odds in their favour. It is common practice for many gambling authorities. For example, even Gamstop makes partnerships with many local organizations.

ADM must provide the approval of sports events and bets calendar. By controlling the availability of events and related bets the ADM can detect suspicious market shifts related to football matches and sports fraud.

However, the experience has shown that a major restriction leads the players to illegal operations. thereby The ADM has allowed licensed operators to broaden their betting portfolio to reverse the situation only if they comply with the established regulations.

Football match results are only validated by the ADM. All licensed betting operators’ servers must be linked up to the ADM so that every bet can be recorded, monitored, and validated, leading to the AAMS to have the final word in any Seria A match.

Clean Micro-Betting: In-game betting from licensed operators are only allowed if it doesn’t contradict ethics, public order, and decency. This type of transaction heavily affects the course of the game and perverts the sportsmanship of the league.

Betting ban for betting operators’ owners, employees, and sports figures. To prevent any conflict of interest, besides sponsorship, every member of the gambling industry cannot be allowed to bet on the outcome of a match as they possess privileged information for the clubs.

Final words

Match-fixing is no doubt the biggest threat to any sports integrity. While it is inevitable to pair gambling with football like wine and cheese, a proper approach is needed or the result will end untasteful, like many times in the past.

Despite the corruption cases that still haunt the league, fans and players still expect a fair and clean game. As the AAMS works as a team with the football Federation along with other multi-institutional entities the Seria A and all its affiliated clubs will regain its prestige as the brightest jewel of Italian football.